What Counseling Is

Very often, people seek counselling as a last resort. Counselling is widely viewed as an expert helping individuals or couples or families to solve their problem. In voice of Hope, we seek to help our client(s) by working ourselves out of job.

As evident by our slogan, we aim to help client(s) by equipping them through coaching to learn how to solve their own problem. If the counsellor is the problem-solver, our client will be at a loss if we cannot be contacted. We want our clients to excel in life after being psychologically-equipped. That is when we know we have succeed. We don’t want our clients to have to keep coming back to us.

It is liken to a person who is medically unwell and thus seeing a general practitioner. The GP ask for symptoms and examines the sick through various means before they give advice and prescribe medication. The patient would have to be frank in providing information to help the GP to make a good examination in order to derive a way to help the patient to regain health. To get well, the patient needs to follow the instructions and taking medication by themselves. The responsibility of the GP ends beyond the counselling room.

Likewise, in counselling, we listen attentively to our clients to understand their presenting problems before we help them see what might be causing their problem. Then we help them to develop a plan that can solve their problem. By so doing, the client owns the problem as well as the solution. Because it is a solution that they work out with the counsellor, they would have the confident to practice it and by so-doing, solve their own problem.

What counselling Is Not

In counselling, we aims to help our client(s) achieve their goals. We let them set their goals – realistic goals – and we work with them towards achieving it. Therefore, we do not help client(s) set goals. We can help them by guiding them, but not by setting goals for them. We also do not do debating or arguing with client(s) over sensitive topics. We do not seek to change our client, we aim to help them. While we have our own stands and values which may or may not agree with our clients’, we do not in any situation engage in debate.